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A working-class Southern California family is already living beyond their means when Brenda Lockhart's husband announces he's leaving them on the night of O. J. Simpson's slow speed chase through Southern California, June 17, 1994. Brenda turns on the television and gets hooked on the Simpson trials. She's convinced Simpson is innocent. Meanwhile, her daughters are busy making their own bad decisions on lovers and crime.  

"With control, compassion, and surprising humor, Camarillo dissects how a modern family comes apart, the chaos we create in relationships and, short of murder, what we might do about it. Unputdownable." Eduardo Santiago, PEN Emerging Voices Rosenthal fellow and award-winning author of "Tomorrow They Will Kiss" and "Midnight Rhumba."


"An intimate portrayal of a Southern California working class family. Brenda Lockhart and her two daughters are complicated and not always admirable characters, but they are relentlessly human. Camarillo laces their story with concise prose, dry humor, and flinty realism, allowing love, resilience, hope and eventual forgiveness to shine through."  Samantha Dunn,  best selling author of" "Not By Accident: Reconstructing a Careless Life


"Like Mona Simpson’s "Anywhere but Here," The Lockhart Women sensitively illustrates what happens to children coming of age under the influence of childish parents. But unlike Simpson, Camarillo provides hope that everyone—parents and children—can grow and develop.  An authentically hopeful and realistic novel." Shelley Blanton-Stroud, Author of "Copy Boy"

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