Book Club Questions


"The Lockhart Women"


  1. Where were you on the night of the OJ Simpson slow speed chase? Where were you on the day he was declared innocent? What was the reaction of those around you?

  2. “Flashbulb” moments (like JFK’s assassination, 911, the Challenger explosion, the recent January 6 insurrection at the Capital) are pivotal life moments that everyone seems to remember and wants to talk about. Why do you think that is?

  3. Why are we so fascinated by celebrities? Is there a particular celebrity you feel as if you know? Would you want to meet them?

  4. Media coverage of the Simpson trial consumes Brenda Lockhart’s life. How does news coverage or today’s social media impact your life? Do you feel like you should limit your exposure, or do you find it necessary to stay connected constantly?

  5. Have you ever regretted decisions made early in your life? (getting married, starting a family, choosing a career) How did you deal with this regret? Did you suck it up and carry on or did you make a change?

  6. Change can be difficult, especially when it’s unexpected. How do you deal with change? Do you find it difficult? Do you have any tips on how to deal with change?

  7. Did you find the characters in The Lockhart Women to be likeable or unlikeable? How important is it to you that fictional characters be likeable?

  8. The Lockhart women make reckless choices with drugs, sex, and crime. Did their choices prevent you from rooting for them to succeed?

  9. All of the Lockhart women keep secrets. Have you ever kept one? Even from yourself?

  10. Did the multiple points of view help or hinder your enjoyment of the novel?

  11. Allison says early in the story that her only ambition is to be a wife and mother. How would you feel if your child had the same ambition or one that you didn’t understand or condone?

  12. Have you ever shoplifted or known someone who did? Why do you think people shoplift? Why do you think we have so many euphemisms (pickpocket, light fingered, kleptomaniac, shoplifting) for this kind of theft?

  13. What does it mean to be in a family? How do you experience love and connection?

  14. Does Peggy ever forgive Allison? Does Allison feel worthy of forgiveness? Do you believe that forgiveness benefits the forgiver or the transgressor?

  15. The epigraph to the Lockhart Women recommends keeping our gratitude higher than our expectations. Expectations can cause problems: if they’re too high, we’re disappointed; If they’re too low, we might not challenge ourselves. Where do you generally lie on the continuum, or does it depend on the circumstances? What have you learned about gratitude and expectations in general?

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