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Selfie taken at Dorland Mountain Arts Colony

Mary Camarillo grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her father worked in aerospace and was transferred to Southern California when she was fourteen. After high school, she went to work for the post office. It might be genetic--both her grandfathers were railway mail clerks. She sorted mail, sold stamps, worked in the accounting office, went to night school, and earned a degree in business administration. She spent nights and weekends sitting at her kitchen table, studying and passing exams to become a Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Public Accountant. She began writing fiction eight years ago. She took classes at local colleges, joined writing groups and worked on her own at the same kitchen table. You can read some of her short fiction here, her poetry here and find out about her upcoming novel here. She lives in Huntington Beach, California with her husband who plays ukulele and their terrorist cat, Riley who has his own Instagram page.

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