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Stanford University's "166 Palms" included my poem 'Barren Women' in the 2020 anthology.  Available for purchase here. With respect to Sandra Cisneros and Professor Virginia Shank.

Bedside Book Spines in the time of COVID19

published by Tab Journal Volume 8 Issue 5

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How to write an autobiographical novel: 
First, catch
the mirror and the light,
night blooming jasmin(n)e,
lost in the city.
The nickel boys--
children of the land--
gone so long.
from our land to our land.

    Mary Camarillo

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How to Open During a Pandemic

(after Rachelle Cruz)

published by Quarazine  Volume 9, 4/20/2020

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Dunnells sailed into a bay

of blue pacific on a golden day,

called it New because he could,

claimed it his, for mankind’s good.


McFadden shipped out beets and grain,

gave the wharf and streets his name.

Early settlers, profiteers,

proud of being pioneers.


Tourists dreamed of orange trees,

traveled trains to swim the seas,

built their mansions, docked their boats.

Their own heaven, their green coast.


“Ours,” they said, “in God we trust.

We found this first and we are just.”

Ignored old graveyards, buried bones,

ground up all the coggle-stones.


Forgot that Tongva fished these seas

until the Spanish brought disease,

granted land to Rancho Yorba,

sold to Irvine, paved suburbia.


Who decides where stories start?

Who determines those left out?

White man sails into a bay

blue pacific, golden day.


On December 8, 2018 I made bookmarks of "Newport Beach" and "gifted" them to the Newport Beach Main Library. See my video for where you can find them. Music by The Mavericks

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