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It's Okay to Make Stuff Up

Someone tell these Girl Scouts pictured above that it's okay to make up stories. I got to explain that to the wonderful Christina Consolino in an interview with her that she recently shared on her website.

I had a long career writing audit reports, which never allowed personal opinions, so I’m enjoying the freedom of making things up.... I wrote and edited countless audit reports on deficiencies in mail processing and postal financial procedures which surprisingly turned out to be good training for writing fiction. An audit report tells a story of why something is wrong (the cause) and why we should care (the effect.) Cause and effect are important in writing fiction too, although fiction is a lot more fun.

Please read the rest of the interview here and check out her website as well. And, if you couldn't guess, that's me on the far left above, with Mary McTeagle and Pam MacCauley. I love how we all have the same cat-eyed glasses. I look pretty thrilled about the trefoil clover badge but I have no idea why I'm wearing gloves.

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