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Music, Regrets, and Bizarro

Here's a snippet of the interview where I discuss the music I listen to, the regrets I have, the comic strip that I love and of course those Lockhart women. Author's Answer is Elizabeth Rynecki's project which gives authors space to discuss other influences on their writing.

I’m a lifelong Los Angeles Times newspaper subscriber and reach eagerly for the comic section of the paper every morning. My favorite is Bizarro, created by Dan Piroro and Wayne Honath. I love their quirky, exaggerated look at everyday life, depicting scenes that are equally bizarre and yet completely ordinary and believable. Their commentary on today’s world of wasteful consumerism, corporate greed, environmental decimation, and oblivious citizens is spot on.

During the endless days of the pandemic my husband and I finally became aware of the Secret Symbols hidden in Bizarro’s artwork. There are thirteen symbols altogether and the number in that day’s strip is right next to the signature. We enjoy searching for them so much that sometimes we almost forget to read the strip.

Go to Authors Answer to read the rest of the interview.

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